People who are curious about everything from what lurks beneath the ocean to how entrepreneurs make their dreams come true should become scientists or writers. I became a project manager - probably one with a virulent¬†case of attention deficit syndrome. If my career were a book, Part One would be subtitled: “Technology Was Interesting For Awhile”. There had to be more to life - for me - than shepherding the complexities of a system implementation from the first glimmer to final go-live. It was challenging, at times fascinating, but I’d always wanted to do creative work, and I knew that I needed to follow that messy path.

After putting aside technical project management, I embarked on a graduate degree in Digital Communication at the University of Washington. There I was able to explore the art and craft of writing, particularly as editor of the program’s flagship online publication, Flip the Media. Blending writing with the fascinating advances in communication technology is stimulating and rewarding.

In addition to writing and social media campaigns, I also produce independent documentary film.